Wednesday, January 4, 2017

January 2017 Forecast!

Metal Ox Month

January 2017 is the month of the Yin Metal Ox and the trigram 9 Li Fire. This is an interesting combination of energy forming a full sheng cycle of elements (fire - earth - metal). Expect great change this month but not without hard work, organized thought and mental acuity. Let's break down the energy components so you know exactly what to expect from a generalized point of view.

The Ox :

The Ox shoulders the plow and sturdily and uncomplainingly plows his own, sometimes rather lonely furrow through life.  You may feel you have little time for society this month because you will be forming firm bonds with home and family and honoring your private life.  You may not feel very adventurous this month and prefer staying at home and working in or close to home. Whatever you take on this month you will do with great determination and defend what you think is right.

The Ox energy is calm and tranquil; however, if you feel that you have been let down it is likely others will get a sense of how you are feeling, and it may not be very pleasant. Furthermore, there is a tendency to feel down if things don't go the way you planned.
The Ox energy this month pushes us to think deeply and study hard for anything new we are trying to create. Anything new or trendy will not bode well this month. Stick to the tried and true instead.

Home is very important this month. Take time to organize your environment, let go of items that no longer serve you, and most of all take the time to create a private sanctuary. Family time is also important this month so make certain you carve out some quality time and be in the moment.

Because the Ox is known for its hard working, dedicated and dependable nature, success is likely this month in whatever goal (s) you take on. Don't hesitate and go for whatever opportunity awaits you.

Metal Stem:

Metal can manifest as a precious substance such as gold or as a destructive object such as a sword or ax.  The element of metal brings forth mental acuity, focus, passion, confidence, motivation, truth and intuition. These are all qualities that will shine this month.

The metal element is associated with the trigrams Dui and Qian. Therefore, there is a natural tendency for creative approach to your work this month. Asking for guidance and assistance from mentors is also important. Realize that others may come to you for guidance as well. If so, don't hesitate to take them under your wing and teach them what you know and have come to learn.

Spending time taking care of finances, networking and building opportunities is also a trend for this month. Again, realize that whatever you take on will require great effort, determination and focus.

Li Trigram - 9 Fire:

 Follow your bliss is the theme for 9 Li trigram this month. This trigram ignites passion in one's pursuits blazing a path that radiantly shines forth from within. The radiance creates enthusiasm for one's heart's desires to come forth. Being true to one's heart brings forth illumination, which evolves into integrity. You are the future and a beloved child of the universe. Answer the calling and go forth. 

When you discover yourself, blessing follow and the clarity of truth instructs you how to live in harmony. Living in harmony enables  you to utilize your talents  to uplift the world.  Using your talents makes the world a better place in which to dwell. It transforms the world and blesses others.

The element of fire is transforming. It burns away what is not essential. Symbolically, it is about living in perfect balance of one's inner truth and opens the door to enlightenment. Like the rising Phoenix, live your life with purpose, passion and clarity. Know what your soul's mission is and go out and live it!   
Ways to Enhance Fire 9 Li in Your Environment: South Portent is the Direction of Choice

  • Add strong wood element such wood furniture to south portent of your home or office
  • Fresh flowers, herbs or healthy plants bode well to fuel the fire of Li
  • Incorporate fire images such as people, animals, sunset, star or triangular shapes to the south portent
  • Post an image of your soul's mission or simply create a vision board and view it daily

Yoga Practice:

This month there is a combination of the elements (fire, earth and metal). Therefore, include the following poses in your practice if you can.

Grounding Poses:

Warrior 2
Easy Pose
Mountain Pose

Fire Building Poses:

Down Dog
Forward Fold
Warrior 3
Extended Side Angle
Twisted Side Angle
Chair Pose
Eagle Pose

Metal Poses:

Half Lotus
Supported Headstand
Tree Pose
Alternate Nostril Breathing

This Month...

Ground, Stay Focus and Be Enlightened! 

Mary Jane Kasliner

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