Thursday, January 26, 2017

Pranamayakosha - Subtle/Breath Body

Arizona Airport - Breathing to Relax

Yesterday I talked about the first sheath or the physical body. Today, let's talk about the second layer or the breath body. This is the most important aspect of our yoga practice - the breath. The subtle body or the breath body is comprised of the following aspects:

  • The electromagnetic field of the body - the etheric body extends approximately 2.5 inches from the physical body.
  • It is the link between the energetic and physical levels of being.
  • It is considered the vitality of life, prana, chi and organizes the body parts and provides movement for mental and physical expression.
  • Herbs can rejuvenate the breath body.
  • Prana (breath body) permeates the entire universe as impulse, pulsation of the atom. THe original wave of energy.
  • There are 5 major pranas (vayus) that circulate within the body and perform different energy functions. More on that topic another day.
The importance of working the breath body speaks for itself. When practicing yoga remember the journey begins with the breath. The natural flow of prana is what will catapult the physical body, not the opposite.


Mary Jane Kasliner

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