Anamayakosha - The Physcial Layer

Olympic National Park
Rainy and cold but that didn't stop me!

I was surely feeling my physical body while hiking in Olympic National Park several years ago. So what exactly is that layer or Kosha all about? First off, the Koshas represent a more refined dimension of consciousness. The anamayakosha is specially referred to as the physical or food body.The following list covers the attributes to this sheath:

  • Gross - physical body
  • Skin, flesh and bones
  • Nourishment or food
  • Healthy diet and lifestyle choices to balance one's constitution
  • Movements based on the physical body such as asanas, pilates, fitness training and massage
  • Material of creation, gross manifestation of matter in different strengths and qualities
Today, tap into the sensations of your body - the anamaykosha. This will not only keep you in the present moment but bring awareness to the earthly plane or physical matter.

Mary Jane Kasliner


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