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We are all traveling on the road of life with some sort of map. Whether it is etched in stone, modified to a specific liking, or no map at all, we end up on a course that will take us from here to there and back again. Lao Tzu offers this piece of good advice: A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving." Tzu's statement lends itself toward a learning process - trial and error, and ultimately growth.

Life's journey is undoubtedly filled with detours, stop signs and roundabouts. These roadblocks will test our faith, courage, strengths and weaknesses. They will force us to accept what is and learn the lessons that are to be learned or let life pass us by. When we experience hardships, it is usually the universe's way of catapulting change. Like the detour sign we encounter on a roadway, life's challenges offer us another route. The question is, do we embrace the new route or do we hold tight and try to force the pre-set course? Obviously holding tight will initially seem like the easiest choice, but in the long run it will lead to suffering, pain and stagnation.

Life's detours are meant to be challenged by venturing down a new path. If we don't, we stifle ourselves and lose interest altogether. We must realize that time stops for no one. We can't go back to the past or leap into the future unless we have the imfamous flux capacitor from the movie Back to the Future. However, we can take the lessons we have learned  and move on.

Ultimately, the paths we create in life are our responsibility. We get to make the choices, feel the pleasure and the pain. No matter how many people cross our path, the best-mapped route comes from trusting your inner navigation system, It knows the way and only requires trust from you. Relying on it daily is the best roadside tool to finding your life's purpose; otherwise we become like fish swimming in the ocean who is frantically searching for the ocean itself. All we need to know in this life is already within us if we are only aware enough to realize it.  - Chapter 8: Strong, Perfect, Whole - Becoming Who You Want to Be.

"As soon as you trust yourself you will know how to live."
-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Like most journeys, the journey to wholeness begins with a leap of faith. This leap is not about transcending life but rather a more inclusive relationship with it. When there is harmony among the three dimensions of our lives - body, mind, and spirit - wholeness exist. It connects us to the web of life and completes us. Why is it though, we tend to yearn to "belong," when the reality is we are all connected? Why do we feel compelled to find another to complete us when the triad of self lives within? These are important questions to unravel on the journey, as the answers will undoubtedly fill the void so many of us experience.

For wholeness to arise, freedom needs to express itself independently so we can ultimately... Page 260: Strong, Perfect, Whole - Becoming Who You Want to Be.

Plugging In

One of the easiest ways you can plug back into your spirit is to move with awareness of your breath. Let it unfold like the petals of a flower to calm the mind and physical body. When you do so, you are able to detach from the chatter that tends to override your inner voice. If you allow your breath to ride gracefully as a surfer rides a wave or a bird on a breeze you will discover who you really are. It is through silence that the breath reveals it answers.

As a yogi, and teacher of yoga, the breath is the cornerstone to the practice. The sound of the breath becomes a mantra and its rhythm sets the mind in the right place - a meditation that evolves with the body in motion. This particular aspect of yoga is known as pranayama, or breath control. The regulation of the breath nourishes the body, mind, and spirit so personal insight can begin to manifest. We become more...Page 262 Strong, Perfect, Whole - Becoming Who You Want to Be.

The Fundraiser

I once found myself mesmerized in a yoga workshop given by a world renowned yogi. She had developed a program to raise global consciousness in the yoga community. The organization was called Off the Mat and Into the World. The idea was to take the principles of yoga and put them into action off your mat.

The year was 2009, and the question posed during the workshop was: "How many of you right now can take the yogic philosophy and put it into action out in the world?" I had to admit I wasn't quite sure where she was going with this question. She expounded by telling us about her quest, the Seva Challenge, which was to raise as much money as possible for the children of Uganda who were largely uneducated and infected by the HIV virus. At the time, one million children between the ages of 6-12 were not in school and five people per minute were becoming infected by the HIV virus. Now, I was pretty familiar with the disease HIV as I had worked nearly eight years in an HIV clinic as a practicing Dental Hygienist. The facility was state of the art that offered patients the latest medications and treatment modalities - a far cry from what these innocent children in Uganda were receiving.

As she continued with her presentation, ...Page 273 Strong, Perfect, Whole - Becoming Who You Want to Be.

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