Friday, December 23, 2016


Hand Mudras are gestures that symbolically open up the energy in and around you. Here are some of the most common hand mudras:

Dana - mudra - the gesture of giving; this gesture is made by extending the right arm over the right knee with the right palm facing outward.

Abhaya mudra - The gesture of fearlessness; this gesture, which symbolically dispels fear in others, is made by raising the right hand to the level of the heart and with the palm of the hand turned outward with all of the fingers extending upward.

Dhyana mudra - the meditation gesture; this is done by resting both hands in the lap, palms up, with right hand on top of the left.

Dharma chakra mudra - the gesture of the wheel of the law; this gesture is executed differently according to various traditions but mainly prayer hands over the heart.

Mary Jane Kasliner

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