The Power of Fire!

The element of fire is the most powerful of the 5 elements. In ancient Greek mythology, Prometheus was said to have created man by mixing earth and water together and Athena breathed air into this mixture imbuing it with spirit and soul. Prometheus added the higher soul with the element of fire that he borrowed from the wheel of the sun.

Fire enlightens everything leaving nothing in the shadows. Some other qualities of fire include:

1. Clarity - Fire illuminates, we see clearly and our insight gives us untold power. We become the creator of our own destiny and in the process empower self and others.

2. Being present - The fire element represents the "here and now." It teaches us to show up and be consciously aware of the world around us.

3. To be joyful - Fire is represented by the summer season and everything about summer spells joy. It is the time of year everything comes out to play, flowers are in bloom, and laughter is in the air.

4. Love - The heart is represented by the element of fire. The warmth and movement of the flame is like a warm heart open to receive and give love.

5. Power - A significant level of maturity is how we use power. The element of fire propels us to use power in a constructive manner by having a set of principles that guide our use of it.

To increase fire in your environment place strong wood or healthy plant in the south portent. Add fire images as well such as animal prints, the sun, stars, or people. Materials such as cotton or leather also bode well. Candles, fireplace or wood stove are also beneficial objects that represent the element of fire.

Here's to lighting up your life!

Mary Jane Kasliner


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