Friday, December 9, 2016

Ease Anxiety with These Yoga Poses

Photo take by : Mary Jane Kasliner

Let's face it, if we could sit in the garden image above who would be anxious. The reality is that rarely happens. Unfortunately, we are more likely rushing around trying to accomplish one more thing on that dreaded "to do" list. Maybe that garden isn't available to us but our yoga mat is. Why not make a point of taking a few minutes to delve into some yoga poses that will ease your worries, quiet your mind, and put you in a better place.

1. Puppy Pose: Get on all fours - hands under your shoulders and knees under your hips. Bring your hands forward and place your forehead on the mat.Palms touching the ground in front of you, thighs vertical and top of feet on the ground with toes curled under. Lift your elbows slightly off the ground and rotate the eyes of your elbows slightly inward. Push your hands into the floor and feel the stretch in the arms. At the same time pull your butt backwards towards your knees. Soak in an entire stretch in your body.

2. Child's Pose is always a winner when it comes to releasing stress.Get on your hands and knees placing knees together and ease your rear back so you are sitting on your heels and your forehead is touching the floor. Extend your arms back towards your feet and just relax.

3. Seated Forward Bend: Sit with your legs together on the floor in front of you. Flex the feet so the toes point upward. Plant your tailbone into the earth and straighten the spine. Inhale and extend your arms overhead - elbows to ears. Exhale hinge from the hips and lead with your heart and fold. Lift the lower belly and get long on the side body. Feel the inner seams of your thighs melt down and continue to keep the feet active by flexing them. Relax your mind and your breath while enjoying this pose.

Of course doing any of these poses are fantastic but in order to keep your mind at peace you also need to make sure your environment is at peace. Check out my feng shui mini-series programs and create a nurturing and high vibrating environment!


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