Sage Advice From Epictetus

The ancient Greek philosopher Epictetus lived in the Roman world during the 1st century AD. He was born a slave yet taught philosophy in Rome until he was banished to Greece. Epictetus didn't write down his philosophy; however, one of his pupil's (Arrian) did.

Epictetus taught that all external events are beyond control and to worry about them is to invite pain and suffering into one's life. He preached that happiness is to be nurtured within oneself by practicing a calm and peaceful attitude. He also taught that human beings have the responsibility to care for one another.

His thoughts on education, patience and learning from our mistakes are simplistic yet very powerful. He believed a good education brings freedom, autonomy and happiness. Cultivating patience creates great things. And mistakes are a way of learning about ourselves.

Perhaps today we can all learn something new, have patience, and learn through our mistakes.

Mary Jane Kasliner - Feng Shui Master & Yogi


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