Monday, May 2, 2011

Victor Hugo - Influential Poet

Victor Hugo was a great author, poet, artist and political ideologist of the 19th century. Both through his works, which inspired and stimulated on multiple levels, and through his political actions, he helped France establish a democratic government, rather than a monarchy.

His writings have many characteristics relevant to modern society and they involve humanism, human rights, justice and people's fair, democratic governance. Hugo masterfully orchestrated strings of words into emotional sequences that stirred people's inner spirit for justice, social fairness, equality, humanism and other noble values.

Victor Hugo was not only a great storyteller or poet, but actively used his artistic talent to stimulate the masses to more positive directions.

Find a positive direction to take whatever the motivating factor may be.

Have a wonderful day! I will check in with readers next week as I will be in sunny California...


Mary Jane

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