The Seven Rays

The Seven Rays

The seven rays or chakras govern the endocrine system and align to the seven major glands of the body. The higher man ascends on the ladder of evolution, the more these energy centers expand. The centers, usually described as wheels, rotate and can draw the radiations of perfection from the divine.

The lower 6 chakras are influenced on this physical plane. The root chakra can be overly influenced by objects and desires. The naval by passions including anger. The solar plexus by greed and fear. You can feel really stuck in life when this chakra is negatively impacted. The heart can be influenced by negativity. One becomes lethargic and not able to put the heart into anything. The throat can be negatively influenced causing one to be concerned only with power. The 3rd eye out of alignment moves towards intellectual arrogance. The crown is mostly underdeveloped. By turning to "I AM" presence this chakra begins to vibrate and enlightenment is reached.

Spend some time each day to meditate on the chakras. Wearing chakra beads helps to keep these chakras in alignment.

Mary Jane


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