Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Precious Time

Take the gentle path.

Do you take "time" for granted? Do you have a tendency to put things off until tomorrow? I'd like to share a story with you about a friend's sister. She was 64 years old an educator and retired early after giving to her kids and career after all those years.For the first time in her life she was going to finally do things she enjoyed and to take care of herself. She joined a Mah Jong league and recently took up yoga. But the cancer got her and by the time the doctors realized that it was the cause of her joint pains, it was too  late. From the time of discovery to her passing was less than 10 days. How one changes lanes from "I'm retired and enjoying my life" to "Oh God, I'm really ill,"  is just mind-boggling.

So remember, my friend said, "The most precious thing you have isn't family or friends or even health. It is time.Every second you spend is literally history and can't be recovered no matter how much wealth you have. So spend it wisely with family, friends and on your health. You don't know when your number will be up." A lesson he learned while floating in a life raft in the South China sea with three other guys after dumping an aircraft there.

Let today be the beginning of spending your time wisely. Really capture each moment and be glad for it. Use your time for the benefit of yourself and others. Let go of the small stuff and delve into the moment for what it is.

Mary Jane Kasliner - Feng Shui Master & Yogi
President Body Space Alignment

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