Summer Solstice Feng Shui Style

Summer Solstice Feng Shui Style

Today represents the longest day of the year. Many relate to the summer solstice as the first day of summer but in reality it is mid-summer or when the fire energy and the sun are at peak level. In feng shui, the fire element is the strongest. It aligns to our soul's mission in life, our dreams and aspirations. 

Today is a perfect day to honor the fire within the body and your space. The fire element is associated with the power of the suns energy or the south. It's a great idea to open up the windows and let the sun shine in throughout the home but especially in the southern rooms. Take a moment to spend some time in these rooms. Make note of how they feel and if the fire element is vibrant. Fire represents images of animals, people, the sun or diamond and triangular shapes. Candles are also a great representation of the fire element along with any fire color hues such as red, burgundy, purple or bright yellow. Also make sure the fire element is represented in all your rooms. Little touches here and there go a long way and are perfect to lift the energy in an otherwise yin area.

Take time to reflect on what your goals, aspirations and life purpose is. Write them down and take a few moments to meditate and see them unfold in your life. A vision board is also a great idea for today. If you have one perhaps it is a good time to refresh it. Finally, take time outdoors today and perhaps make an offering to Mother Earth with a short ceremony including making a fire. This will open the fire within your soul.

Happy Summer Solstice!

Mary Jane  - Feng Shui Master & Yogi


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