The Warrior Within!

     Several years ago, my husband and I took a trip to the Pacific Northwest. We did a great deal of hiking throughout Olympic National Park. During one of our excursions, I decided to pull off my hiking gear and stand on this rock ledge to experience peaceful warrior. I wasn't too concerned with perfect alignment, but rather to experience the warrior within standing on a ledge that was high enough to be in the mist of clouds. 

     When we think about (Virabhadrasana), it is a name given to the mythical warrior Virabhadra. One of the main bases of yoga is non-violence, so why do we practice a pose named after a warrior? The significance of this pose is that it shifts our attention to the fact that the real battle is the battle within us – our struggle with self-ignorance, false perceptions and distracted mind. It also reminds us to respond to situations with right action, rather than reacting with wrong action.

     Practicing any of the warrior poses cultivates strong will and determination, openness and readiness to embrace higher values in life. The combination of determination and openness is the key point in our personal progress. The next time you flow into and out of your warrior poses, connect with your higher self, defend those who are victims, and soar through the vast universe that lies within.  

Om Shanti!,

Mary Jane - Feng Shui Yoga Girls -


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