Friday, June 1, 2018

The Journey of Yoga is Like the Lotus Flower

Photo by Mary Jane Kasliner

The story about the lotus flower begins with Vishnu, the second god in the Hindu triumvirate responsible for creation, upkeep and destruction of the world. Legend has it, when it was time for creation to begin, a lotus flower began to sprout from Vishu's navel. Interesting point where the lotus began to sprout - the same portal where the fetus feeds from the mother in the womb.

The story continues how the lotus flower opened to reveal the four faces of Brahma - the god of creation. Four is a powerful number referring to the four cardinal directions or heavenly points. From the petals, the sound of the universe (OM) was expressed. Om is the sound of all knowing, all potential and possibilities. The seat for this sound is sustained in the lotus flower which represents purity and enlightenment.

The lotus plant embeds its roots into the mud, the murkiest soil of the earth. It begins its journey beneath the water and perseveres to rise up above the mud to seek the light from the sun. When the shoot catches the beautiful rays of the sun, it blossoms.

The path of the yogi is not unlike that of the lotus. We are entrenched in the earth and experience the mud through the mundane aspects of our lives; the bills that need to be paid, illness, tension, anxiety and the constant need to perform. Yoga promises that with enough patience and fortitude, we will rise from the murky waters and experience our authentic being - the purity of our spirit that lies within. It's a journey that can't be rushed, but certainly worth the wait.

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