Standing Head to Knee Pose - Dandayamana

Island Park, Long Island

  There are four distinct phases to standing head to knee pose. The key is to focusing on each step at a time. 


Phase 1: You can interlock all ten fingers and pick one foot up in your hands while using all your strength to lock the knee of the standing leg. Since this is a static pose, it is safe and even beneficial to lock the knee of the standing leg

Phase 2:  Extend your leg forward until it is exactly parallel to the ground. The secret here to a straight leg is to flex your foot so your toes are pointing towards your face.

Phase 3: The legs don't change at all. You simply bend your elbows downwards and hug them in so they are touching the calf muscle. 

Phase 4: In this phase, the chin tucks into the chest and you bring your forehead to touch your knee. You'll notice in the photo of me, I am looking down as oppose to tucking my chin completely inward. I purposely did not tuck my chin for the photo as a reminder to concentrate looking downwards first before going for the full tuck. With several people waiting to take a photo on the "Big Chair" at Pops, I had to move fast.

     Head to knee pose is extremely beneficial for concentration, will power and confidence. It also strengthens the tissues surrounding the knee joint, strengthens the abdominal muscles, and improves flexibility for the sciatic nerve. 


  •  Master one phase at a time before progressing to final stage
  • Keep stomach in. The abdominals contain a great source of power to assist in this pose.
  • To lock the knee of the standing leg simply contract the thigh muscle.
  • When you kick the leg forward, use your heel and flex your toes back towards your face.
  • Keep equal distribution of weight across the foot of the standing leg.
  • When  you start moving towards the final phase, send your gaze downward towards the floor first, then slowly navigate to tucking chin inward.
     Take your time moving through the phases. Patience is your best friend for this pose!

Mary Jane
Feng Shui Yoga Girl -


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