Stages of the Human Journey

     In the Hindu thought there are four stages in the human journey. The first stage is the desire for pleasure. This is directly associated with the trigram of Dui and the second chakra Svadhistana. It is natural to seek pleasure whether it is a vacation, attending a party, or simply enjoying a savory meal.

     The second stage is the desire for success. This stage is deeply embedded in family roots, material objects, goals, relationships, connections and career. Essentially, it spans many trigrams on the feng shui map (Zhen, Xun, Li, Kun, Qian and Kan). Success has strong ties with the root (Muladhara), and the seat of your will (Manipura) chakra.

     The third is the desire for community. The relationships you form makes all the difference on the path to enlightenment.  In yoga, the reference to a community is called "Sangha." Connecting with like-minded people is helpful on your spiritual journey. Part of the spiritual process is to also learn how to work with those who do not share your beliefs. Albeit more challenging, it is an important part of the process.

     The fourth stage is the desire for liberation. This is tied to the trigram Gen - inner knowledge through meditation, and the refined chakras (Anahata, Visshuddha, Agna, and Sahasrara). This stage takes a great deal of perseverance and discipline.

     This progression is at one linear and nonlinear, they can correspond to different moments in your life. The practice of yoga is about getting unstuck - and our society is currently stuck in a search for success. Where are you? Are you desiring success or for something greater a spiritual connection - a sense of community?

     To move forward into the next stage of the human journey, you must break with the past. This is not a small thing as your need to succeed is tied into the expectation of families, gender, class and society.

     Letting go of this all can be difficult like the death of one self and the birth of another. We all get stuck somewhere along the path. Eventually you find you have no choice but to let go and move on.

Mary Jane - feng shui yoga girl -


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