Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Balance What Does Leonardo da Vinci Say?

Balance is the key behind productive living...

What a day today I had. First, no alarm sounded this morning. It was by sheer luck we woke up only to begin the day in a frenzy. I couldn't see my private client for his yoga instruction, my daughter missed her train into the city for work, and my car wasn't ready to be picked up from the dealership. This type of energy just kept rolling in all day. So I just kept pushing harder to try an accomplish as much as I could somehow thinking this will right the wrong from this morning. At 5pm I check my email and to my surprise my weekly newsletter hit my mailbox and wouldn't you know...It was all about balance. As a matter of fact I believe this was a blog I wrote a few months ago and it ended up in my weekly newsletter blast today. Read on...

I stumbled onto a book the other day authored by Dr. Wayne Dyer, “Wisdom of the Ages.” I had read through this book several years ago, but it’s one of those books that just keeps on giving. I opened to a random page titled: “Balance.” Hmm, I thought, this is interesting especially since I had been working nonstop at my computer all day. It’s funny how the Universe finds ways to communicate with you.

As I proceeded to read what Dr. Wayne Dyer had to say about this topic, it occurred to me how “we” are doing it wrong. In other words, most of us have the mindset that the longer hours we put in at work, then success is attainable. The workaholic many times is seen as the smart one, the go getter, and sure to reach his goals in life. Wrong! Think about it…How many of you out there feel like you are constantly on the “Go?” No matter what you do you feel like you are two steps behind. It doesn’t matter how much work you seem to get through in one day because there is always more to do.

Do you feel as if the work pile just keeps on growing with no end in sight? I’m sure most of you answered “YES” to that question. Here in lies the problem. According to Leonardo da Vinci – Italian painter, sculpture, architect, musician, engineer, mathematician, and scientist (whew…That’s sounds like a few lifetimes), being a workaholic is the opposite of being productive. Instead, this Renaissance man did the opposite. He took time to escape from daily routine and go some distance away to become more efficient and productive. It appears that highly productive people do just that. They bring a sense of harmony and balance into their lives. They are familiar with pacing and knowing when to retreat and clear their heads of immediate concerns. The key here is BALANCE.

To avoid being consumed by anything, you must be able to walk away from it. When you do this the picture becomes clearer. When you actually let go you begin to see exactly what you need to be doing and everything falls into place. When you get out of your own way the energy can flow from the “higher self” freely and divine source is readily available to you. Magically, the answers come to you and you are “in spirit” or inspired.

In today’s fast pace world the best way to let go is to meditate. Find a quiet place where you can just sit and move your focus inward. For many the meditative practice of yoga is helpful to achieve this state of balance. You don’t need to devote hours to this practice. A few minutes a day will do wonders.

May you have BALANCE today!

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