Presence - The Stillness Within

We are all creating our lives, moment to moment in this world. We can choose the moments and how to spend them; in peace and stillness or chaos. Research has determined that we are generally only using 7% of our time to create in the present moment, the rest of the time is spent in the past or wondering about the future.

When we are in the past we are constantly recreating the past experience. When we are in the future we are projecting ourselves into hoping for an experience. Cultivating the presence is the key to living a full and peaceful life. It is the only place we can grow productively and move beyond repetitive experiences.

It is in the here and now that you create your life, for you, your loved ones and the world at large. We spend way too much time getting ahead of ourselves or referring to the past that there is very little time for the NOW.

Today, make the change and listen to the NOW that dwells within.

Mary Jane Kasliner


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