Personality ~ Wisdom From the Sages

Personality ~ Wisdom From the Sages

The word "personality" comes from the root "persona," a Greek word meaning "mask" and the process of playing role in theater. These masks create different personalities. An individual soul wears a particular mask according to its predispositions (son, daughter, husband, wife, etc.). We create attachments for ourselves and a completely new personality. In doing so we forget our true nature and create pain, troubles and perplexities in external life which are actually the faces of ignorance. In this state we become helpless and lose self-confidence. and fell powerless.

All this suffering is simply because we forget our true nature and begin to identify ourselves with objects of the world. When we lead with the spirit with drop the mask of "personality" and find a peaceful mind, self control and confidence. The inner dweller leads and is at peace.

Let's find our Inner Dweller today and let "it" take the lead.

Mary Jane Kasliner - Yoga Teacher & Feng Shui Master


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