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Ways to Find Inner Peace

Ways to Find Inner Peace

Ways to Find Inner Peace

There are many different ways to find inner peace. For some, religion holds the key and yet others believe that the spirit alone can't transport you to that realm. It is thought the mind, body and spirit must reunite to reach that internal place of peacefulness. How to unite this triad can be as simple as following the feng shui and yogic philosophy.

Feng Shui

The feng shui philosophy is based on the belief that you can create harmony in your life through your surrounding environment. The ancient feng shui masters observed the heaven and the earth learning the ways of natural harmony. They studied the five elements of earth and how these elements interact with one another. Observing the rain from the heavens and how it nourished the vegetation (wood) that fueled the fire that scorched the earth and created ore deep within. This is a harmonious cycle of the elements keeping nature in a state of balance.

As a feng shui consultant, the cyclic nature of these elements can be applied to the internal and external environment. Balancing these elements according to directional positioning of rooms imbues the space with peace and harmony. According to the laws of attraction, vibration and frequency “like attracts like;” therefore, spending time in a peaceful environment will translate to feelings of tranquility. This translation occurs via the limbic system – ancient brain. This system interprets design features such as yin and yang, natural materials and elements, sounds, textures and scents primarily through our senses. When these features are balanced and of natural quality the energy frequency is pure and the perception is one of tranquility and pleasure. 

Feng Shui creates a peaceful environment because its roots lie in nature. A calm green garden with a soothing sound of a water fountain can convey a sense of peace to you. This feeling of calmness eradicates the feeling of worry, anxiety or fear.  If you embrace feng shui based on the ancient teachings, you can successfully surround yourself with a harmonious and peaceful environment. This is one way to achieve inner peace as the mind and body reunite to connect to spirit.

Yoga & Meditation

Meditation is the science of reuniting the soul with infinite spirit or God. By meditating regularly, you will awaken your soul and begin to live consciously. Through the discipline of meditation, we learn to concentrate within and discover our unshakable peace.

Inner peace is one of the first fruits of meditation. Greater clarity, understanding and guidance from within are also benefits of meditation. It brings greater harmony and joy to your relationships and family life. It harmonizes the life forces within the body releasing stress and promoting health and vitality.

Conventional yoga wisdom holds that nothing prepares your body for meditation as well as regular asana practice. However, only practicing yang forms of yoga will present an issue when trying to sit in meditation for long periods of time. Balancing with yin sources of yoga practice by stretching connective tissues with a slow steady load elongates these tissues making it easier for you to sit in meditation.

Concentrating on forward bends, hip openers, backbends and twists are all beneficial when it comes to holding your upright seated position for meditation. As you know, all seated meditation postures aim at one thing, holding the back upright without strain or slouching so that energy can run freely up and down the spine or what is known as the main channel sushumna.


Mary Jane Kasliner - Feng Shui Master & Yogi

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