Friday, July 26, 2013

The Journey Within : The Power of Sun Salutations

The Journey Within: The Power of Sun Salutations

As a yogi and teacher, I have found that it is when we struggle with what seems to be a physical limitation that deeper lessons of the practice begins to appear. Notice where you seem to be struggling physically and then use the asana as a tool of self-investigation. You will be surprised how much of our personalities are revealed and those scars (samskaras), or deeply ingrained behavior patterns are connected to these limitations.

Sun salutations are a wonderful way to allow the mind to let go and engage with the breath. By turning the focus on the breath, engaging the locks, and finding a perfect gazing point gives you a deeper understanding of the asana and of self.

Each individual practitioner's journey is different, both in terms of pace and progressed sequence of the salutation. Perhaps your particular journey is to focus on one posture in the sun salute series and perhaps that posture is the area that is challenging you physically. Don't move beyond that point of the salutation sequence. This will allow the mind to become familiar  with the sequence and give the body time to fully absorb the benefits and lessons that each asana represents before moving on.

Mary Jane Kasliner - Feng Shui Master & Yogi

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