Clearing the Pathway to Your Heart!

From the book Journey to the Heart, Melody Beattie talks about clearing the path to your heart. In her discussion, she points out the importance of feeling the full range of emotions, reactions and responses to the life line the pathway to the heart. We need to feel them all - the angler, hurt, sadness, irritations - in order to feel joy. Everything in the universe works on the premise of opposites and a balance between these opposites is what brings a level of light consciousness. 

If the tendency is to block out the hurts and unpleasant feelings, we end up blocking the pathway to the heart. All our emotions are important; all need to be recognized. The energy of each needs to be acknowledged and then released. This clears the pathway for love.

Trust your emotions. All of them.
You're not off path. They lead to the path you are seeking. 
They are the journey to the heart. Let them flow freely.
And as sure as Old Faithful, your heart
will come gleaming, shining through.

Take some time today to practice heart opening poses such as bridge, wheel, camel or hero pose. This will move the energy freely to the heart!

MAry Jane - Feng Shui Yoga Girl -


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