Prana and the Mind

The mind has its own energy that is derived primarily from the thoughts and impressions we hold on to. Prana governs how we receive things and the emotions we attach to them. It gives us energy and vitality. If we surround ourselves with negative energy or problematic thoughts and desires, we become misguided. There is a tendency for us to run after things in the external world rather than following our own internal inspiration.

The vayus, or levels of prana movement in the body, can direct the level of our thoughts or mind energy. For example, apana vayu on a psychological level can govern our ability to eliminate negative thoughts and emotions which ultimately become toxins. It gives us the ability to detach from negativity. If we do not release negativity we become clogged up, making us suppressed, stifled and weak.

Samana vayu can be associated with how we digest information. Does it fuel us, or does it take us down? If we take in positive information through inspiring ideas we can unite the heart and mind with positive outcome. Digesting wrong information causes one to cling to wrong attitudes, belief and emotions.

Prana vayu surrounds the heart and therefore we open the gateway to compassion and empathy. We draw in positive emotions as we lead with the heart. When contracted, we become self-centered and feel the need to be right all the time. This leads to a superiority complex and dilutes equality.

Vyana vayu promotes mental circulation, the free flow of ideas and information. If we are narrow-minded then we tend to come from a perspective of separateness and we are unable to unite with others.

Udana vayu provides positive mental energy because we come from a place of truth. As a result we feel liberated and enthusiastic because we are awakening our higher spiritual and creative potentials. If, on the other hand, we close out our truth we become ungrounded and the result is arrogance.

Prana is a positive energy in life so we are able to move forward and develop. The vayus give us the capacity to eliminate things that no longer serve us so we can expand and ascend, rise up and grow.

Mary Jane Feng Shui Yoga Girl


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