Thursday, January 24, 2019

Goddess Ganga - The River of Heaven

India 2018

Our boat ride across the Ganges on our way to the bus that would take us to Vasistha's Cave

Ever wonder about the legend behind the pose "legs up a wall?" The story goes like this: 

There was a request from the gods that Ganga visit the earth. Her compassion for mankind leads her on the journey. However, her fierce power presented with a dilemma, as the earth could be destroyed from severe flooding. Shiva was the only one who could catch her; and so he did while sitting at the top of Mount Kailesh, the highest peak closest to heaven. 

The long tangled hair on Shiva's head would provide the channels for the rivers to flow so the earth would not be overwhelmed. Mother Ganga becomes a permanent fixture upon the earth as the River Ganga. A love for the souls of humanity, she provides a place for the soul to be purified.

As part of our soul's journey in India, we took the plunge into the Ganges. It is believed to cleanse past karmas so the soul can move forward unimpeded by these impressions. Here we are taking the plunge and realigning our soul's mission.

Om Shanti,

Mary Jane

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