Monday, January 7, 2019

Hitting a Brick Wall?

Ganges River - Rishikesh, India

January is the month of creative expression and new beginnings. It is the peaking element of water in feng shui Chinese elements and Kapha dosha (water and earth), in Ayurvedic philosophy. The watery energy aligns to the second chakra (Svadhistana), the portal of creative expression, and to the kidney and urinary bladder meridians. With all this movement towards creative possibilities, there still may be a tendency to feel stuck. Sometimes we are simply fresh out of ideas. We try to force our thinking but nothing comes. We struggle with what comes next. We may even begin to panic and worry that we are done. In reality, there is no such thing as being done. That void, that dreaded blank spot is really a magical place. 

Many times we have to come to hit the brick wall before we can open up to something new. If you think about it, the reason we can't see any further is because our ideas are limited by the past, by past experiences, by what life has been like before. Don't confuse the past with the future, as the future doesn't have to be limited by our past. The universe and life for that matter, knows that. It's time to learn that too. 

The next time you hit that brick wall, see it as a new beginning. Right now is magical. Let the universe take your hand and show you things you have never seen before. Be open, be vulnerable enough to learn and celebrate the mysteries of the unknown. This is part of water energy. Think of it as diving into the depths of the ocean. We need to go deep before finding something new. Some of the most beautiful fish lie deep depths in the ocean. The most powerful ideas we have lie deep in the depths of our soul. So dive in and see what you find!

Om Shanti,
Mary Jane
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