Enjoy the Energy of the Summer Solstice!

The summer solstice represents the fire element. We are closest to the sun that we'll be all year. That means there is a rich abundance of fire to spark your spirt and shed light on your deepest desires. Everything is clearer when the light is turned on, and in this case, you can't get any brighter than the light of the sun. 

Use this energy to get inspired and follow your bliss. Let it fuel you and guide you to your highest potential. Be true to your heart's desires and open the door to your higher calling. Part of the process includes burning away that which is not essential, and in doing so, your inner truth will shine.

Here are 8 things you can do to enjoy the summer solstice:

1. Get Outdoors! This is the time to absorb nature's essence. Let your senses bathe in the powerful aspects that mother earth has to offer. Dip your feet in water, touch trees and rocks. Listen to the birds chirping and other natural sounds. Notice the vibrant colors of flowers in bloom. Spend as much time as you can outdoors. I promise you will not regret it.

Yoga Hike: Huber Woods

2. Plant an Herb Garden: There is something to be said about planting and eating your own food. This is farm to table at its best, as you only have to step outside your back door to shop for your meal.You can also grow healing herbs and learn how to heal minor injuries or make your own natural sunscreen. There are plenty of good books and blogs on how to this. Here's a video on how to make natural sunscreen.

3. Meditate: This is a practice that can be done on a daily basis and not just during the summer solstice. Wake early, find a quiet space, and just sit with yourself. Set an intention and notice what comes up and what doesn't. This is a practice you can cultivate and weave into your life permanently. It makes all the difference in the world.

4. Practice Yoga: What better than sun salutations to honor the light of the sun. Surya Namaskar is a powerful way to ignite your spirit, self-esteem, inner warrior and the power of transformation. Grab your mat and head outdoors for some sun salutations and notice how your spirit soars. Here is a short video of me doing Surya Namaskar with some creative additions!

5. Cut Some Flowers: Add some fresh flowers to brighten up your environment. Connecting with nature and the sun is an important part of experiencing the height of the summer solstice. The power of your own energy in this process is far greater than buying flowers at the store.

6. Take Stock of Your Life: The summer solstice is an excellent time of year to take stock of your life. See where you've been and where you plan on going. Take note of how you are serving your community and make adjustments where needed. 

7. Add Some Fire Elements: The south direction represents the energy of fire. Placing a powerful crystal in the shape of the star tetrahedron is a great way to ignite this element in your environment. Images of a sunrise or sunset are also powerful ways to capture this quality.

8. Consolidate Your Energy: This is a time for self maturation. Mindfully choose your foods by eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, refresh your home, and align your thought patterns, and get plenty of rest and relaxation.



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