Om Kali Ma

Babakishor - Rishikesh, India

I met Babakishor when I was in India. He has since passed. This pose amazed me and especially how he entered it with such ease, yet with a primal power. Today, in Yoga 365, the focus is about accessing your primal power - your ferocity. We contain both gentleness and ferocity. While ferocity may sometimes be an unattractive quality, it is essential to surviving in the world and to protecting those we love. Om Kali Ma is a mantra we can chant to invoke ferocity. Om evokes everything that exists, Kali is the most ferocious of goddesses, and Ma means divine mother. When we are pushed to our limit , when someone we love is imperiled, or when we need to defend ourselves, we can chant Om Kali Ma to access the primal power within.

Mary Jane Kasliner
Feng Shui Yoga Girl -


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