Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The Symbol of the Lotus and Padmasana Pose

Brooklyn, NY

     It is no coincidence that the seat for the creative sound "om" is the unstained flower of the lotus, which represents purity and perfection. Despite its regal blossom, the lotus comes from humble beginnings. It's seed is planted in muck at the bottom of a murky pond. Although far beneath the surface of the water, the lotus root takes hold, and the shoot starts to search for the sun. Symbolically the sun represents illuminated knowledge, or ultimate truth. Once on top of the water, the blooming lotus takes care that none of its petals touch the murky water. Looking at the flower, one would have no idea that it came from such murky beginnings.

     The journey of the sacred flower reflects the journey of the yogi. We are rooted in the earth, absorbed by the endless cycle of births, deaths, sicknesses, tragedies, celebrations, bills, and family relations. The yogi knows this muck as the dirt of avidya, the great mistake of identifying ourselves with something other then our divine nature. By sitting in this position, we are connected firmly to the earth and to our roots. As with the lotus, our humble beginnings need not prevent us from blossoming in purity.

Mary Jane - Feng Shui Yoga Girl -

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