Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ralph Waldo Emerson ~ An American Philosopher

One of America's greatest philosophers who managed to introduce European and Eastern thought to the New World, and greatly contributed in forming a unique American quality that came from an original and distinguished mind, which was open to all kinds of influence. He was one of the major figures of the Transcendentalism movement, a period which was also called the American Renaissance, that took place between 1835-1865.

Emerson managed to combine religion with philosophy, as well as ancient classical ideas with super-naturalism and mysticism. He supported the infinite potential of an over-soul, which he accepted as an inseparable part of the human existence, and termed it as the "infinitude of every man."

Emerson's writings showed strong belief that wisdom came to men by divine influx, that nature was the means to unlock all secrets of wisdom, and make men enlightened. One of the most important works of his early period is his book "Nature," which he wrote in 1836.

Why not gain a bit of wisdom today and spend some time outdoors in nature. See what "She" has to offer.

Enjoy your day!
Mary Jane

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