The Romantic Prophet - Leo Tolstoy

Widely known as one of the greatest authors of all times, and with his novels War and Peace and Anna Karenina to be on top of world fiction literature, Leo Tolstoy's personality remains highly controversial because of its dual nature and the way it evolved during his middle and late years.

Tolstoy was not only a writer. He was a great moral philosopher, a truth seeker, and deep religious thinker. After being excommunicated from the Russian Orthodox church, he formed his own Christianity that was based on five simple tenets: live a life without anger, live a life without lust, avoid taking oaths and promises, love your enemies, and do no combat evil with evil.

In 1893, Tolstoy wrote , The Kingdom of God Is within You, based on Luke's Gospel. This work deeply moved Gandhi when he read it. Gandhi wrote to Tolstoy about his Passive Resistance Movement and their correspondence led to a warm friendship and Tolstoy's work A Letter to a Hindu in 1908.

Tolstoy was a proponent of the freedom of expression through which humanity could be served and assisted in establishing the kingdom of God, the kingdom of love, peace, equality, truth and justice.

May you have a Peaceful day!
Mary Jane


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