What is Enlightenment?

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What is the state of Cosmic Consciousness? The ultimate awareness is referred to as enlightenment, nirvana, samadhi, self-realization, rapture, ascension and unity consciousness. It is the goal of life for every human being to reach this state of awareness. It is brought about when the illusionary perception of separateness comes together into the Universal Self.

Our true nature is not limited but rather a vast sea, as we are everywhere. How can we achieve this state? The easiest way is to follow those before us who have paved the way. The sages, the saints, and ascended masters of all times found this path. Following the guidance and words of a previous teacher or guru. The enlightened master sees the grand achievement and encourages others to find this treasure.

Take time everyday to follow one word of wisdom from an ascended master and we shall all reach that state of consciousness.

Namaste -
Mary Jane - www.fengshuiyoganj.com


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