Friday, March 20, 2015

What Wisdom Are your Bringing from the Dark of Winter into the Light of Spring?

Spring is here and the energy is awakening all around us. We can release the darkness of winter and discover what lies ahead. Here are a few statements to reflect on to assist in the process. Write down whatever comes into your mind. Keep writing until the words become a force field of energy that takes you inward - a place where you can connect to natural self.


Who am I becoming?

What am I awakening in myself?

What do I consciously wish to unite at the Spring Equinox?

What do I wish to grow more of in my life?

What do I want to encourage, give my attention to, so that it has the best chance of manifestation? (What projects or plans am I giving birth to?).

How can I help the earth and those in need?

After you have written down your answers, go outdoors and spend some time with nature. Notice how everything moves into right place at right time. - from darkness to light.

Feel free to cleanse your environment and your body from stagnant qi that has built up over the past few months. Anything from a simple cleaning to repainting or rearranging your furnishing is perfect. Re-examine your diet and exercise regime and notice what needs tweaking. Enjoy the process and awaken source within self and your environment.

Mary jane

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