"Pie in the Sky" Yogini: Spring Clean Your Inner Life!

Ways to Spring Clean our Inner Lives:

1. Make time for mindful living.
Take time for a daily walk. Instead of going through a laundry list of things you need to do observe your surroundings, the colors, flowers, birds, sounds and smells.  Focus on opening your senses and enjoy the walk by being fully present in it.
2. Mindful living is a practice that can extend into all areas of our lives.
Being fully present strengthens our relationships and helps us prioritize our values. We can cook, clean, care for our children and work mindfully. By focusing on the here and now, we can clear out the clutter of worry and stress about the future.
3. Meditate.
Our lives often move along at a near-frantic pace, and meditation helps us slow down long enough to simply exist within our own bodies without being overrun by thoughts. It really doesn't matter how long you meditate for. It is more important to make the effort. Increasing the time you sit will come gradually and without effort.
4. Utilize positive affirmations.
There are a plethora of positive affirmations you can use throughout the day. Here's a simply one: "I'm enough".
5. Begin (or continue) a yoga practice.
You'll find this practice to clear your mind and open your body. As a yoga teacher, I find if I miss a day of practice things tend to get chaotic for me. Start slow with your practice and let it build with time. Trust me, you will feel the difference physically and mentally.
6. Create quiet spaces in your family routines.
Turn off your phone, computer and TV during meals, when your reading or meditating. Let that time be special without interruption.
7. Take time to be outdoors.
Taking mindful walks or just spending time outside can help de-clutter our lives. There is something so settling about spending time in nature. A breath of fresh air and a little sunshine can help restore our spirits and bring a sense of calm to our lives.
8. Donate an item each time you purchase a new one.
Rather than allowing your possessions to quickly take over your space, you can choose to give something away and make room for something new. By keeping your environment clear of additional clutter, you can help keep your inner life free of clutter as well.
9. Focus on gratitude.
When we count our blessings each day, we’re more likely to be content in our lives rather than dissatisfied. Gratitude helps us realize that what we have is enough and that we are blessed in so many ways. Difficult days make gratitude a challenge, but these days are the ones where it’s most important to find something we’re thankful for.
10. Make time to laugh daily.
This one speaks for itself...LAUGH!
11. Nurture the relationships in our lives that nurture us.
We need to stop giving our time to the relationships that drain us. Instead, we can focus on building up the relationships where we are loved and supported.
12. Commit our time only to the essentials.
This goes back to examining your priorities. Rather than choosing to overwhelm yourself with obligations, commit to less activity and participate in the activities you choose more fully because you have the time and energy to put into them.

This spring as you de-clutter your home think about de-cluttering your life also. This way both you and your environment will shine.

~Mary Jane



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