"Pie in the Sky" Yogini: Tight Hamstrings!

Tight hamstrings in those forward folds? Seems like everyone has something to moan about when it comes to forward folds. But is it really your hamstrings or is it scarred fascia? Here are a few tips in getting those hamstrings "unstuck!"

  • Try sitting in staff pose (dandasana) with a 1/2 rolled yoga mat beneath your knees. Press you feet against a wall and align your middle toes pointing upward with feet hip distance apart.
  • Elongate the spine and gently curve your lower back towards your belly.
  • Take the weight into your hands and track your knees carefully - hold for several minutes.
  • Next, stand and come to 1/2 forward fold (ardha uttanasana) with hands on blocks and create a right angle between your spine and thighbones.
  • Track the weight to your feet and hold for 2 minutes. Make sure your feet are well rooted so you don't feel pulling sensation in the buttock.
  • You can practice going further in your forward folds once you have practiced the aforementioned points.

~Mary Jane


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