So Hum - The Mediation for Connecting to Divine Souce

One of the oldest meditations from the school of Hindu that belongs to Japa medtations is the So Hum meditation. This mantra meditation can bring about complete transformation of individual consciousness. The words "So Hum" actually mean "That I am." This mantra meditation is a powerful way to bring about a union between self and divine source.

The main benefits of so hum meditation are to realize your divine nature, bring about joy, relaxation and peace. Why not give this meditation a try and incorporate it into your daily meditations.


1. Find a comfortable position either sitting or in a reclined.

2. Set a timer or alarm clock for 20 minutes, as this will be the duration of the meditation.

3. Relax your hands into gyan mudra (knowledge position), index and thumb tips engage.

4. Take 5 deep slow breaths to cleanse and oxygenate the body.

5. Remain still and on the inhalation repeat the sound "soooo" and then exhale with the sound of "hummmm."

6. As you continue with the breath and silent chant, feel the energy of the meaning of the words move through your being.

7. Rest in the space of the breath.

May you experience the joy of the breath and connection to divine source.

Mary Jane Kasliner, Feng Shui Master * Yoga Teacher


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