Wednesday, November 23, 2016

"Pie in the Sky" Yogini: Find your Inner Light!

By and large most of us are running in a frenetic pace to keep up with life. We are entering the season where this pace can really kick up. Take time to slow up the pace by finding your inner light. The chakras are a way to turn up the light that resides within. Here are a few poses that can easily activate these energy centers and help to bring balance from off your mat into your daily life.

Root: Practice warrior 2 while engaging the root lock while silently chanting the sound "lam." Standing in this asana brings forth a sense of stability. Translate that stability to your finances and relationship with humanity.

Sacral: Seated forward bends and hip openers are fabulous poses to activate this joyous center of creativity and sensuality. While practicing this pose release any negative emotions from past relationships. Inhale harmony and exhale resentment towards others while chanting the sound "vam".

Solar: Twisting asanas are a fantastic way to activate manipura. This is the tear drop of the heart, the inner warrior and the seat of higher consciousness. Tap into your inner confidence and release aggressive and controlling behavior. et the fear completely ring out as you twist while chanting the sound of "ram."

Heart: It is hard to be compassionate to others if we lack compassion for self. Bridge pose is a perfect asana for this chakra as it acts as a bridge for self and others. Recite the sound "yam" as you enter this pose. Breathe deeply into the vibration of love.

Throat: Can you speak the impeccable word if you have no idea who you are? Not very likely. In order to communicate your truth you need to find out who you are. Practice fish pose and silently chant the sound "ham." Let your truth evolve and take it out into the world.

Third Eye: The wisdom that lies within, the inner guru is you. We can only express and begin to understand that wisdom by way of those teachers who enter our life on both sides of the veil. Enter into child's pose and rock the point between the brow into mother earth. Capture Her wisdom to open up inside you. Chant the sound "om" and let it resonate throughout your entire being.

Crown: Take flight and soar to your divine self. Practicing headstand or any inversion is beneficial to tap into the higher realm of your spirit essence. The sound of "om" shall lift you to a place beyond the ego.

Have fun exploring the chakras and stay tuned in to my 40 hour advance Chakra Taoist Training program starting Spring 2017!

Mary Jane Kasliner

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