Wednesday, March 27, 2013

BSA Yoga & Meditation Tip

BSA Yoga & Meditation Tip - 

Spring yoga, a time for creating new projects and ideas.One of the best places to start is to revamp your diet. Infusing greens and fruits only for 40 days and you'll cleanse the liver and get rid of all that congestion in the body. Try frog pose now to really energize your system -FROG POSE: Place the toes on the ground, heels together off the ground, fingers on the ground between the knees and lift the head up. Inhale, raise the buttocks high. Lower the forehead toward the knees and keep the heels off the ground. Exhale, come back to the original squatting position, face forward. Continue this with deep breaths 26 times. (This posture helps to release toxins, increases circulation, gives your skin a healthy radiance and energizes you)

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