Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Develop a Spiritual Practice

Any activity that serves to center you, bringing you a sense of deep inner connection with both yourself and the world around you, can form the basis for a spiritual practice. Examples include Eastern disciplines, such as yoga and meditation, as well as spiritual pilgrimage or other ceremonial rituals. The activity will absorb you completely, so that you reach a state of "flow" whereby you are one with what you are doing. Practice this as regularly as possible as it will give you a point of steadiness in your life.

Other ideas:

  • Learn from spiritual teachers. Study their lives and teachings and follow their precepts.
  • Be humble - as Henry Thoreau once said, "Humility like darkness reveals the heavenly lights."
  • Call upon your spirit guides as they can help you whenever you are in a difficult situation or have a question that you are unable to answer.
  • Be in the flow of life - the ceaseless movement from one form to another. When we try to resist or control the natural pattern of change, problems arise. Harmony is restored by accepting change.
 Mary Jane Kasliner

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