Friday, May 5, 2017

Energy Forecast May 2017!

Yin Wood Snake - May 2017

The month changes at exactly 3:42 PM today when the yin wood heavenly stem meets the snake branch. Let's take a look at how these energies play out for today and for the month.

Stem - Yin Wood:

Wood is an active element representing growth, vitality, ethics and self-confidence. Interest this month will be wide and varied. Expansive by nature, you'll want to do things on a grand scale. Organization and apportion separate matters into correct categories and work orders is essential this month. Taking on long-term large projects is fine but know it will bode best to bring others on board. Branching out and diversifying is a plus this month. Financial support is readily available as it will be easy to convince others to join in on your idea. One drawback with wood is a tendency to bite off more than you can chew. Be mindful of what you can  realistically handle.

Snake Branch:

The snake is a deep thinker, wily financier and philosopher. Wisdom is the name of the game when it comes to the snake. Relying on your own judgement is key this month as well as paying your dues. Matters may arise that cause you to feel skeptical but go with the flow to avoid undo stress. You may feel it necessary to put up your guard this month, but know that is only the energy of the snake who has issues when it comes to trusting others.

Wood Snake Combination:

This is a strategic combination that has a true understanding of what is going to prevail in the course of events. Intellectual freedom this month is a must. Emotional stability and financial security are top priorities. It is easier to attract what you need this month as the wood snake combination acts like a magnet. Good judgment and detective work make for excellent investment strategies. Spend time  appreciating the arts this month.

Full Chart Combination:

The Snake month branch forms a six combinations with the hour branch of the Monkey. The result is the element of water. For today (5/5/17), that adds strength for good communication in deals.

The Rooster year branch combines with the Dragon day branch and releases the element of metal to build strength when it comes to leading others and managing situations.

The Snake month branch to the year Rooster branch forms a semi-earth trine this month. This results in the element of metal. This is an element that can cut or destroy or lead with precision. The choice is yours. The most effective way to utilize the metal influence is to organize your thoughts and come up with a strategic plan to lead others towards reaching your goals.

The Monkey hour branch to the Rooster year branch also creates a directional semi-trine, and this too releases the element of metal. Mental processes this month is extremely important for the most effective outcome.

The wood Snake releases fire in the 5-melodotics pointing to wealth prospects for this month.

A heavenly noble is formed this month between the day stem of yang water and the Snake month branch. Therefore, a benefactor may appear when one is in trouble. This could simply mean you assist someone today who is in need of help.

Post Horse is formed between the Rooster year branch to the month Snake branch. This month be aware of travel. Take precautions.

The Stars:

The stars find their natural home this month with the 5 landing in the central palace of the loshu. Therefore, each star trigram receives assistance from its' home.

The 5 earth star is a very difficult star and especially during this 20-year cycle. This star essentially creates chaos, potential legal issues and illness. Not a very good combination of energy. When the 5 star arrives in the center of the structure it is best not to engage in any major decisions such as:

·       Purchasing real estate

·       Moving

·       New business venture

·       Travel

·       New career

Since the center is represented by the element of earth, this star is naturally assisted. Obviously, this is not good.  Because this star is located in the center, then all occupants tend to experience the effects of this energy. 
It is best to keep the area quiet and ring a bell frequently to disperse the negative energy.

Positive Areas:
North - Career is flowing this month. Keep the energy moving here with water or metal elements.
Northeast - Finances are a given. Support with fire and movement.
Northwest - Network and lead with grace. This will catapult into new business ventures.
South - Tap into your soul's mission, vision and goals. Support with strong wood.

Questionable Areas:
East - Family gathering can be intense this month. Elders will show their strength. New business is likely. Add fire to calm the qi.
Southeast - Female disturbance in relationship is possible. Literature research is strong  for financial gain. Add fire to tame this energy.

Problematic Areas:
Southwest - Abdominal disturbance and relationship strain. Add metal to drain this energy.
West - Skin, mouth irritation and cutting remarks from female. Virtual water to lessen the effects.
Center: Overall chaos and/or legal issues. Metal vibration - ringing bell frequently.

Yoga & Meditation:

Since the central palace has a disturbance, it is best not to take on any new or strong yoga practices this month. Stick with free flowing classes and asanas (poses) that you are comfortable with. This isn't a month to explore a challenging pose.
Your meditation practice should be strong and regular to balance the otherwise chaotic 5 star. Choose to meditate in any of the positive areas mentioned above. It is best to stick with a regular routine so you remain grounded.

Working the root chakra for stability bodes well. Standing poses such as mountain pose, warrior 2 and pyramid pose bode well this month. Practice engaging the root lock by squeezing the pelvic floor throughout your practice.

Happy May!

Mary Jane Kasliner

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