Monday July 24, 2017 Energy Forecast!

Today is considered an initiate day. The energy combinations promote smooth beginnings. It is a day best used in order to ensure the right start on the right foot. Taking a look at the flying star positions for today, it is most notable for financial gain in the southeast portent. Here the auspicious 8 money star resides. As luck would have it, the 2 monthly star, albeit inauspicious comes to assist the beneficial 8 earth star. What does this mean? Take a look at your accessible accounts or those that you can freely deposit and withdraw money from and determine if you are gaining enough interest. In addition, make some financial moves in the market today. In terms of business, this is a day to initiate deals and negotiate ideas that are income producing. The southwest portent also has an excellent energy combination today. It is important to evaluate your partnerships and take a leadership role in initiating goals and aspirations.

What to do in the environment?

  • Bright lighting source, gentle movement (incense burner) and money placed in the southeast.
  • Place strong earth component in the southwest portent to ground decisions and propel networking between partnerships.
The Daily Pillar:

The water rat releases a great deal of water qualities for today. What does this mean? Communications are strong but does require listening to others for good advice. Perseverance is the name of the game today along with some down time for enjoyment.

The water rat combination specifically is concerned with mental exercise and thinking process. This allows you to relate well to people on all levels. Go with the flow today instead of trying to swim against the current. You'll find you will accomplish a great deal more with this approach. People may be more calculating and shrewd today so just be mindful of that.

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