Friday, July 14, 2017

Rain Never Stops a Yogi

A little rain never stops a yogi. Today, from Yoga 365, we learn how yoga enables us to access spirit by opening up the creaky corners of our bodies. Our muscles soften and lengthen, and we feel more powerful through the openness that we begin to experience. When we feel open, we can more readily tap into something that we often call spirit - a feeling or sensation that shapes our dreams and connection with the greater world. To access our spiritual selves we need to tend to our physical selves, because body and spirit are not separate. Yoga keeps our bodies open, enabling us to access spirit.

Today, no matter what the weather is like, roll out your yoga mat and take the time to move through some poses. Do whatever feels right for your body. Do not worry about doing every pose. It is far better to savor the poses you choose to do and the journey it takes to arrive in the pose. This is how way to access the deep hidden areas physically in your body and the subconscious. For transformation occurs. You must awaken what lies deep within and bring it to the surface.

Mary Jane Fengshui Yoga Girl:

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