Daily Energy Forecast!

Happy Friday! Today, July 7th is considered a Refresh Day! This makes most things you engage in beneficial especially if it concerns a new business or starting a new position at work.

The Bazi or 4 pillars for today is interesting, as the day pillar and the month pillar are exact - yin fire pig. This combination is sure-footed especially when it comes to following intuition. Highlight your strengths today and this month and play down your weaknesses. Be mindful of overindulging especially when it comes to finances.

This is an energetic combination requiring you to manage your excitement or outspoken comments. Take time to appreciate the benefits of a current situation and be realistic when reaching for things that could be out of your reach. Save time for family today and this month especially since it is the main energy trend for July (3 Zhen).

The sheep's overall energy is about unity and being home. There is a natural tendency for the sheep to be mindful of special dates such as birthdays and anniversaries so make sure you plug in to those who are close to you and send them a card on their special day. The sheep can also be a worrier and pessimistic about events. Try to step away from the doom and gloom perspective and instead enjoy the little things that come your way. The sheep also prefers not to make decisions, but rather follow along and then complain if things don't turn out just right. Avoid this mistake from the beginning and rely on your intuition and choices. Good things come naturally this month if you simply let go and trust in higher self.

Flying Stars:

Activate the northeast portent with moving water and bright lighting. Investigate real estate options today and tap in to others who can teach you a thing or two when it comes to networking and leadership qualities.

The north portent is also a great energy when it comes to career advancement and steady growth. Take advice from male and contemplate what your next move is in terms of your long term plan. Add metal element here to propel this auspicious combination of energy.

Be mindful of how much you can take on in terms of new projects and ideas. he energy in the east is really strong for launching new business and ideas. Add strong fire to balance this otherwise overactive energy.

I would say that is enough to focus on for one day. It is obvious that the energy is calling for all to contemplate our long-term goals and move in the direction of something new.

Mary Jane


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