Friday, July 14, 2017

Daily Energy Forecast : July 14, 2017!

Today, Friday July 14th, 2017 the energy follows as such:

The overall energy for today is considered to be rather rough. It is best to avoid major projects or decisions as a result. It is far better to focus on loose ends and wrap up unfinished business.

In terms of the star combinations there are a few notable energy interactions. They are as follows"

Northwest: This area has a fortuitous energy combination, that if handled properly, can result in financial gain. I suggest bright lighting, water movement via a fish bowl or plug-in incense burner and paper money with terminating crystal pointing upward. Keep you mind open to advice from leader or patriarch. Connect with your closest networks and keep apprised of current information.

Northeast: I would suggest strong metal element here to propel the auspicious water from the sea star. In your meditation today, focus on your long-term goals. Take time to record words that come to mind while meditating. Seek the path for longevity instead of short-term results.

Southeast: My suggestion is the element of metal to assist the white star from the heavens. Be open to male advice when it comes to new opportunities and take financial advice from a trusted advisor. Be willing to listen and communicate ideas to those you trust. You may actually place virtual water here too to being flexibility in your ideas and financial outlook.

In terms of the Day Pillar combination:

The water stem combines with the tiger branch. This is a flow of the elements naturally from heaven to earth building harmony. However, let not the mind take too much in today otherwise your body will feel the stress. Balance is always the best way.

The water tiger is pretty open-minded and inclined to new ideas and experiences. There is also a natural ability for this combination to judge the truth and not be fooled. It is an excellent combination for making the right deal. Just be mindful of procrastination measures today as the water tiger combination is notorious for that. Concentration on the long-term outcome proves to be most beneficial today.

Mary Jane Fengshui Yoga Girl:

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