Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Tell Me the Energy Tuesday!

I love this quad picture I took walking at my favorite park!

Let's delve right into the energy patterns for today. It is a suitable day for making proposals including business deals and advancement on the job. The day element is yang earth, so get busy digging deep to create a strong foundation on whatever you are currently working on. Earth is the great transformer. Therefore, it bodes well if you are looking to transform your life in any capacity. In nature, it acts as the intermediary between the seasons, as it has a tremendous ability to ground and stabilize. The dog energy is also on the rise today. It too has the quality of earth with the extra components of metal and fire. Besides the stabilizing main component of earth, the dog provides  mental acuity and outgoing nature. Principled and trustworthy, the dog is fantastic when it comes to receiving support or simply to lend an ear. This energy combination is perfect to set your long term plans into motion.

In terms of the daily stars, the most troublesome of all the stars takes the center portent. It is best then not to engage in any major moves today. Instead, work up your plan of action and refine the details. Networking with others or seeking the advice of a mentor is strong for today. This is likely to advance career and impact resources. Be mindful however to contemplate in meditative practices today to really reap the benefits. 

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