Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Homecomings for Thanksgivng!

November 2017 - Homecomings for Thanksgiving
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Homecomings for Thanksgiving

Welcome to BSA - The Conscious Alignment of Energy
Home is the sweetest word in any language, and one can understand why.  The word itself suggests a nest where intimacy and belonging occurs so one can find their identity and individuality.

When it is a place of shelter and love, there is no place like home. Embrace homecomings this Thanksgiving and get back to your roots!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Mary Jane

To Bless the Space Between Us by John O'Donohue, is one of my favorite "go to" books for my yoga classes. In his chapter "Homecomings," he compares the home to the notion of the human body. In a sense, our body is the continuation of home, but a home that houses the mind, heart and spirit. 
He states "to be," we need to be home. When we feel as though we belong, the adventure of growth can begin with great promise. The very ordinariness of homes conceals the force and mystery of the events that unfold there.  Aside from places of worship, there are very few other buildings that house such transformation.

A home is subtle, implicit laboratory of spirit. It is here that our minds open and discover others and come to know who we might be ourselves.

Most of what happens within a home unfolds inside the ordinary daily routine. If we reflect back, it is incredible how so many of the roots of one's identity, experience, and presence lead back to childhood.

The origin of the word dwell is to "dig deep." If we cross parallel the actual physical home to the physical body where our spirit resides, we can tap into experiences that determine how we navigate the earthly journey. Those imprinted impressions either come from a place of peace and calm (buddhi mind), or a place of "I am doing" (ego - ahamkara). Either way, this is what determines the rhythm of the mind and sensitivities of the heart. Obviously, the buddhi mind creates a more peaceful rhythm, while the ego mind is more turbulent.

The home is where things flourish and originate. Therefore, in a subtle and unseen way the home is the seedbed of individual presence. It quietly shapes belief, expectation and life direction. Home is where the heart is. It stands for the center where individual life is shaped and from where it journeys.

Ultimately, the home intends for each of us to be at home with oneself. When a person is at home in his life he always has a clear instinct about the shape of outer situations and can discern the traces of a path forward, even in the midst of confusion.

Enjoy your family and your home this Thanksgiving!

Take pride in your home. The way you treat it is the way you treat your body. Learn ways to nurture your home environment through any of my feng shui publications by clicking here.

If you are looking to study feng shui on a deeper level click here.


Mary Jane Kasliner

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