Willful Meditation Wednesday!

                                              Christina Garofalo Bonifacio - Oahu, Hawaii

This is a month the trigram Gen is strong. This trigram represents inner knowledge and the voice of higher self. In nature, it represents the stillness of the mountain. The mind is a busy place that overshadows wisdom. Essentially, we walk around in a state of chaos; the mind playing out scenarios of how our day and life should be rather than seeking the eternal wisdom that lies within. It doesn't require sitting on a mountain top in Hawaii like my daughter is, albeit a tempting solution to quiet the mind; it only requires the will and commitment to carve out a few minutes in the day to sit and get quiet. Today, think about ways you can pull away from your busy life and move inward. Perhaps instead of taking that 15 minute break to grab some coffee or tea, decide to find a quiet area and simply let go, surrender, and just be. The result will far surpass that cup of coffee.

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