Willful Meditaion Wednesday!

  Welcome to Willful Meditation Wednesday. One of the most effective ways to incorporate meditation into your day is to start your day mindfully. Here are a few ideas of how to do just that.

1. Wake up naturally, without an alarm clock, at least once a week if you can. This will help you reconnect with your bodily cycles (or circadian rhythms).
2. Let the sun wake you up through open curtains or shades. Use the extra time gained to plan your day.
3. Let music wake you up. Choose something that is soothing and slowly builds.
4. Draw insights from your dreams in the morning while they are still fresh.
5. Immediately upon waking, think about how you can give joy to at least one person today.
6. Say a morning prayer giving thanks for the new day, for other people, and for yourself.
7. Meditate on your breath immediately after getting out of bed. Focus on expanding your belly outwards on the inhalation with a still chest. As you breathe out, drop your shoulders and imagine squeezing out the air.

After starting your day mindfully, try meditating on something in your environment such as the pattern on a plant leaf. First get a sense of the overall pattern by scanning its main features. Simply allow the shapes, lines and color penetrate your unconscious, aware that the image is both in front of you and inside your mind. Stay in this meditation for at least ten minutes.

Mary Jane Feng Shui Yoga Girl: www.fengshuiyoganj.com


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