BSA Yoga & Meditation - 

Much of yoga is about tuning into a frequency much forgotten. Becoming aware of what's going on inside us and learning how to tame your mind. Here are a few tips to keep your stride in meditation:

1. Take time away for meditation. Try not to rush through the practice. By setting time it shows you have respect for the practice.

2. Meditate in an area where you feel comfortable and let go of any distractions such as your computer or phone.

3. Take time to notice how you feel before and after your meditation.

4. Focus on YOU and nothing else. Take notice of how you are feeling.

5. Keep breathing. The breath has a wonderful way to keep us tuned in. Think to inhale positivity and exhale negativity.

Take your time in the process and do not become discourage if you miss a day. The important thing here is to develop the practice and be kind to self.

Mary Jane


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