Thursday, February 25, 2016

"Pie in the Sky" Yogini - Journey Through the Chakras

The chakras are a doorway into divine source and knowing we are that source. We all have the key to chakra doors, it is just a matter of unlocking them and stepping through. When we walk through the door there is an unending path that takes on on a journey. Along the way we realize everything is a continuum – many microcosms to the greater macrocosm. We see this through the constant ebb and flow of energy since the dawn of time. The Taoist philosophy reveals out of the wuji, or the great void is born the tai chi – one yang bit and one yin bit. These two interdependent polarities drive the forces of the Universe (macrocosm) and the forces of the human body (microcosm). These interdependent forces follow the rules of binary math – whereby 1 representing yang or God source creates all things out of nothing (0) or yin.
The crown chakra is all knowing – all potential from heavenly father. It is the natural electricity from the stars that act as one half of the electromagnetic field that binds all atoms for life to ensue. It is the manifestation (Sheva) into being of the earthly realm (Root - Shakti). It is the material aspects – the yin force or Mother Earth. It is through the magnetism from Her spinning on a rotational axis (can be likened to the spine with rotating ida and pingala), that forms the other half of the electromagnetic field equation essential for life to exist. That which is above (Father – God Source – Yang ) is received below ( Mother – Matter – Yin). Mother is receptive to what is thrusted upon her. Likewise, She releases energy upwards back to Father source and the cosmos. One cannot exist without the other (Sheva and Shakti).
The root chakra is our physical body experience of our spiritual essence. It must learn how to become spirit again through the chakra journey. Innately we know the way and when we take the path all aligns - a child-like connection to divine source. We welcome the dance of life with open arms and connect with the movement of all things in the universe. We become one transforming our relations with self and others - the inner warrior shines brightly like the sun. Love streams out in all directions and we realize nothing is more powerful than love. We ask and we receive with grace - things simply manifest. We intuitively know our essence and the essence of all beings. This is the gift of God-source and a reawakening of coming home.

Mary Jane

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