Monday, April 17, 2017


What can we learn from the element of fire? In nature it represents the largest star in our solar system - the sun, that provides the planet earth with life force energy. Fire illuminates so we can see clearly and become the creator of our own destiny. It helps us to remain present, in the "here and now" reminding us to filter through the endless information that can fill our days with nothingness. Fire represents the joy of summer, a time of year where everything comes out to play, flowers are in bloom, and laughter is in the air. It is the element of the heart, the flame within that reminds us to give as much as we take. It is the element of power that implores us to move beyond reactive and destructive ways to settle conflicts. The more consciously aware we become the greater our understanding of what true power is. Build fire today in your yoga practice with sun salutations. Start with 5 and continue until you build that spark of life - agni within.

Mary Jane Kasliner

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